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Finance & investment

How do businesses in the money business improve their earnings? They deploy SMS text messaging in a number of ways.

To cut costs, add services and grow revenues. We’ve shown them how. Alert someone to a problem. Maybe a server is down. Or a call centre glitch. How long can you afford customers locked out of their accounts? Not long. What if they need secure access via a one-time password? We give it to them in a flash. No one wants to wait when money is on the line.

We help them undertake marketing and get new customers. Run promotions and capture subscribers. Set up appointments and reminders so customers show up. Missed appointments mean missed revenue. Businesses that sell time can never make that time back. We help them slash no-shows.

We manage billing and payment reminders to drive cash flow through the business. Run communications to members, staff and customers. Engage them in two-way dialogues. Encourage customers to provide feedback.

Customers use SMS text messages to keep aged receivables under control. They know when they send a message, they’ll get a response. And fast.

We can set you up with an API integration into your business software. Or run it as a standalone. You get detailed reports in real time. Advanced admin control. Control over costs.

We save you money, so you can make more.

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Cash flows.

Save time and money with SMS text messages.

Billing & Payments

Billing and Payments

Get ahead of the payment cycle. Invoice notifications and reminders improve cash flow and reduce bad debt. Lower your costs with text messages.

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Marketing and Promotions

It’s time to get the word out. With over 90% of SMS text messages opened and read within 30 seconds, there’s no better way to promote your business and increase sales.

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Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

When time is money. Fill your diary with profits. Send automated text message reminders and get replies to make sure your book is always full. Your customers will love it.

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