Faster than email

Over 90% of SMS text messages are read within 30 seconds.


Text messages offer you the power of cut through. Get the right message to your customers at exactly the right time. And make certain it’s delivered, read and actioned.

The beauty of SMS text messaging is twofold. Speed and read. It gets there fast. It gets read. SMS text messages are twice as likely to be read compared to an email. More than 90% of messages are read within seconds of arrival. They’re less intrusive than a call and easy to reply to. It’s business sense for a few cents.

Drive Response. Get Results 

Two-way messaging for one-to-one campaigns.

Engage staff and customers in dialogue. With delivery receipts, you know your message arrived. Using our detailed reporting and analytics you can track, trace and thread every message and reply. See who responds and when. Use that knowledge to make changes, alter behaviour, drive productivity. If your business needs a response now, a text message is the message to send.

Dedicated numbers

Dedicated numbers make recall easy and your brand sticky. Perfect for promotions. Feedback. Competitions. And of course, opt-in subscriber capture. Publish it in your brochures. On your website. Your customers will always know your number, which helps you build greater trust and loyalty.


Set up inbound keywords your customers can SMS in to drive promotions, coupons, competitions, or even just requests for information. It’s the key to better results.

 High volume

High volume. High performance.

Large and urgent campaigns are our specialty.

We’re big, strong and fast. We take big message volumes and spikes in our stride. We deliver over 40 million messages a month.

Our cloud-based architecture is state-of-the-art. Our infrastructure is industrial scale. Our gateway is a thing of beauty and power. It directs heavy traffic, seamlessly routing messages according to destination and service level. Queues are controlled and loads rebalanced in the blink of an eye.

Our expert techs are watching every second. Staggered schedules mean your message batches run when they’re supposed to. Telco or internet outages are handled in a flash. Automatic failovers kick in. Our multi-redundancy pays for itself in seconds. Messages are re-routed via the fastest possible connection.

When you want results, don’t ever compromise.


Compliance. Check.

Protect your brand and reputation with expert advice.

It’s a minefield. Compliance issues catch the unwary. And trip up those who cut corners.

We can help you make sure your campaigns meet both best practice and regulatory requirements. Privacy, security and legal all covered. We’re with you every step of the way. Opt ins, opt outs, message content and so much more.

Feel secure. 

Uncompromising security and privacy for peace of mind.

Security of your data is assured. We don’t take chances. Or cut corners. Authenticate, validate and protect, that’s our approach. We use banking level encryption and VPNs to keep your information safe. Best practice business processes are followed, to the letter.

We protect your data and confidentiality. We follow the Privacy Act to the letter. We hold commercially sensitive information, on trust. Client names and contact details. User access codes. But we’d never touch it, or let anyone access it without your explicit permission. Even then, we follow processes ensuring continuous security.

Aren’t you glad you’re working with experts?

 Guaranteed Reliability

Reliability. At last.

Fail safe, guaranteed.

Don’t ever think all text message providers are created equal. They’re not. Our Gateway is up 99.95% of the time.  It isn’t the price of a failed message delivery that hurts. It’s the downstream costs you incur dealing with the aftermath. We call that the cost of loss.

You want your messages delivered on time. So we guarantee 99.95% Gateway uptime. Here’s how. Connection to multiple Tier One telcos. Dynamic telco routing to shrink delivery time. Multiple redundant gateway servers in separate data centers. Automatic fail-over connections. Message queue monitoring with instant intervention by tech staff to prevent message backlog. Continuous network monitoring for latency and reliability.

It’s fail safe. We deliver. Or your money back.

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 Great- Knowledge

Great knowledge. Great power.

Detailed reporting, insights and control right in your web browser.

Our easy to drive interface makes it all so simple. Select a template. Create a new one. Send more than the usual 160 character limit. The message will automatically be concatenated and rebuilt on arrival at the receivers mobile. Schedule your sending times. Stagger them if you need to spread the load on your website or call centre. Select delivery receipts for time critical and two-way messaging.

Run detailed reports in real time. Understand what worked and when. Examine your message statistics on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Run reports by date range or user. Identify unique replies versus multiple entries into competitions. Watch your opt-in list grow and track it by keyword or offer.

Get control, visibility and accessibility of user and administrator permissions. Define who gets access to what. Add or delete users in a flash. Set daily credit limits. Create fixed templates for brand consistency. Check in on any message, any time. Run a report and see what users have been sending to whom. Simply take control.



Digital campaigns. All gain, no pain.

Multi-mechanic consumer promotions for Agencies and Brands.

Consumer promotions drive sales and build brand equity. SMS text messaging campaigns help you learn about your audience in a two-way dialogue. Interactivity can be via text message, Web or IVR.

You send messages to drive response. Your campaigns are often time sensitive or event based. Reliable and speedy delivery is vital to your success. “Late” and “lost” are response killers. You want delivery. You demand ease of use. We get the message.

We’ve built campaigns for customers from the ground up. Even to the point of building standalone promotional websites. That saves on web integration costs for short-term promotions. And gives your promotion a chance to shine on its own.

You build customer loyalty. Brand preference. Capture a user database to remarket to. And track responses in real time on all sorts of metrics.

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