Guaranteed Reliability 

Peace of mind that’s triple guaranteed.


We don’t offer one guarantee. We give you three.

99.95% Gateway uptime.

It’s our minimum standard. Our Gateway is always open. We always deliver. Or your money back on your last month’s spend. No questions, no quibbles.

99.95% Network Redundancy.

If one Telco network has a connection failure we’re not compromised. Nor are you. We can always route via an alternate carrier. Your message won’t ever hang around.

99.95% Money Back Guarantee.

Don’t like our service? Think we let you down somehow? Then we’ll fix that. If you’re not happy in the first 30 days with our service, guess what? You get your money back. All of it. All you have to do is ask. We’re confident we won’t let you down. Confident enough to put our money where our mouth is. Confident we’ve built the most robust system around. Confident in our ability to deliver what you want, when you want. That’s guaranteed.

24/7 Monitoring 

Nothing goes unnoticed

Message volumes fluctuate, minute by minute. In peak periods volumes can suddenly spike. Luckily our Gateway is built to handle the volume. We shepherd the traffic through, load balancing when needed. We’re continuously monitoring for latency and reliability. Our tech experts manage the flow and care take of the floods on the fly. If a server or a gateway goes down we know about it, instantly. We act on it immediately. You won’t notice a thing.

Global Support 

Around the clock, across the world

Today’s business never sleeps. We don’t either. With support centres in Australia, the UK and the USA we’re always available. Ready to help, no matter what your clock says. Our support team is here for you, too with extended 24 hour around-the-clock phone and email support on weekdays, and a priority weekend support option when you need extra coverage. And there's always someone monitoring your service to make sure the message gets through – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We stay up late, so you don't have to.

Contact us

We think the best way to help you is a real person over the phone.


New Zealand

Sales: 0508 009 767
Support: 0800 686 964
Fax: 09 926 1855
Level 8, 16 Kingston Street
New Zealand Auckland 1146


Sales: 1800 009 767
Support: 1800 155 228
Fax: 03 8612 3689
Int: +61 3 9600 0777
Level 24, 367 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000


Sales: 888-799-9767
Support: 888-799-9767
Fax: 646 862 8887
461 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco CA 94133


Sales: 0808 234 8246
Support: 0808 234 8246
Fax: 0208 082 5091
White Collar Factory
1 Old Street Yard
London EC1Y 8AF UK


Competitive Rates

Fine-tune the options to suit your budget

Some competitors will tell you they’re cheaper. But you know the old adage. Cheap, good and fast. You can have any two. In the end you get what you pay for.

We’re competitive when it comes to pricing. We get better pricing due to economies of scale. We’re the market leader for a bunch of reasons. We’re faster because we work with all three Telcos. We’re better because we own and manage the biggest and most robust state-of-the-art infrastructure. We’re more reliable with our layers of redundancy. We manage more message throughput and have the scale to cope with huge volumes. We provide the best service and support, 24/7. We’re international. We’ve reliable top quality partners around the world.

We guarantee our performance and put our money where our mouth is. If you’re not happy or our Gateway ever lets you down, get your money back. Read a few customer testimonials. See why a raft of customers moved to us. Guaranteed, high quality service was far more important than the lowest price. They got sick of dealing with the mounting costs of loss from broken promises they got elsewhere. You would too.

We offer the best service level. A Tier one service with all the bells and whistles. Priority routing. Delivery in a flash. Guaranteed 99.95% Gateway uptime. Designed for mission critical, time dependent messaging.

Remember one thing. No one ever regretted buying quality. You weigh the risks. Anyone can sell you cheap. But they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

 Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service

The extra mile

Service businesses live and die on customer respect and trust. Lose it and you never get it back. We’ve built our business to be the very best. We’re the industry leader because we do it better. We’ve created an IT infrastructure that’s state of the art, so we won’t let you down. We’ve built in multiple layers of redundancy to eliminate risk. Our Gateway is always up. Always ready to serve your business.

We hold your hand whenever you need a hand, 24/7. Need a business case examined to justify the investment? We’re right here. There’s our money back guarantee. We stand by our word. If you’re not happy, get your money back. We’ll bend over backwards when it comes to software integration. We’ll make it work. You know why? Just ask our current customers. Ask the ones who’ve switched to us. They jumped because our competitors couldn’t deliver. Got sick of empty promises. And suffering the downstream cost of loss.

Broad Experience 

Been there, done that

We’ve been handling SMS text messaging since the turn of the century. We deliver over 40 million messages a month. We work with more than 18,000 customers and 145,500 users around the world. With Governments, major corporations and thousands of SMEs across all industries. We’re experts in software integration. We’ve partnered with many software developers. Helped customers drive the most from their applications. Generate significant productivity gains, raise revenues and cut expenses. We know the business cases for industries and text message applications inside out. Will help you find the best possible solution. We’ll add value to your business and look after you like family. Experience the difference.

Broad Experience

   Banking& Security

Safe & Secure

Security without compromise

Your security means everything to us. We don’t take chances. Or cut corners. Authenticate, validate and protect, that’s our approach. Every time. We use banking level encryption and VPNs to keep your information safe. Best practice business processes are followed, to the letter. Privacy and security of your data is assured. We’re always locked down.



Secrets stay secret

We protect your data and confidentiality. No one gets in. Nothing gets out. Everything is secure. All the time. We follow the Privacy Act to the letter. We hold commercially sensitive information, on trust. Customer names and contact details. Credit card numbers. User access codes. The content of every message ever sent and received. But we’d never touch it, or let anyone access it without your explicit authorisation. Even then we follow processes ensuring continuous security. We never share your data with third parties, except in the delivery of your messages. Your secrets are safe with us.


Our story

Upwardly Mobile

We’re upwardly mobile

Founded in 2000 and now the number one specialist business SMS text messaging provider in Australasia. From zero to over 18,000 customers today. That says a lot about us. We got to the top by being the best at what we do. By making an excellent customer experience the centrepiece. Investing in Tier One infrastructure. Delivering superior results, day in day out. Our message is simple. Be even better tomorrow.

A future vision

We’re aiming high. We’ve already expanded into several markets within New Zealand, Australia, the US and the UK. We’ve been in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Tech awards for seven years straight. Now we’re a chasing a spot as one of the top 10 home-grown tech companies. Welcome to the future.

Future vision


Excellence, transparently measured

Great customer outcomes are all that matter to us. Judge us on our KPIs. Listen to what independent third-party auditors have to say about us. Check out our customer testimonials. All tell the same story. Be it 99.95% Gateway uptime. Total security and complete privacy. Feature rich interfaces. Business case analysis. Top quality support and documentation. Excellence is easy to measure.


Our team of passionate experts

Four words describe our team. Experienced. Enthusiastic. Dedicated. Trusted.

You’ll find these qualities in every one of our people. We’ve a great culture, built up over years we’re determined to protect. When it comes to hiring, we’re beyond diligent. Others might call it obsessive. Good luck to them. We know it makes all the difference.

We hire the best. Then let them get on with what they know best. Good people thrive on trust. They know their stuff inside out. So they take ownership. Go the extra mile. Constantly innovate. Eyes open, constantly looking for better, simpler, faster. They collaborate to deliver customers the results they need.

Our people push themselves. Challenge each other. Strive to be their very best. They grow as the business grows. Get to explore different parts of the business. Develop new skills. Discover new ways to think. They race up the learning curve. Knowledge expands, expertise deepens.

 Industry Leadership

Industry Leadership

Bigger because we’re better

We serve over 18,000 customers, spread across government, enterprise and SME. We do serious volume. We lead the way with standards and service quality. We’re linked to all three major Telcos. We own and manage our own infrastructure. We’ve built multiple redundancies across our systems to eliminate your risks. We’re unique in offering a money back 99.95% Gateway uptime guarantee.

We're super picky about who we recruit. We train our staff intensively. Once they’re in, they stay with us a long time. That’s testament to the work we do and the environment we create. We’ve developed our community engagement as responsible corporate citizens. Stand by a code of practice. We’ve seen competitors come and go while every year we’ve grown.

Customers love what we do for them. Have a read of a few testimonials. You’ll soon learn why they’re with the market leader. We’ve the highest standards of reliability, service and performance. We do more to improve our customers’ business, cut their costs and drive productivity. We’re nimble. Proactive. And in this industry bigger means better.



Habit forming performance

It’s not difficult to stand out from the crowd. Our high standards are tough to match. And we keep raising our game. We don’t strive for excellence, we deliver it. Day in, day out. It’s become a habit. Ingrained into our culture. We like it that way. As do our customers.

We celebrate excellence by our staff weekly, monthly and annually. We’re deadly serious. There’s no escaping what we stand for. Second best never cuts it. We’re always getting better. Improving our service. Lifting returns for our customers. Decreasing risks. Eliminating the costs of loss. Some habits are impossible to break.



Making the best better

We never stand still. Constant improvement is part of our culture. We invest heavily in the highest quality equipment and systems. Every year we pour millions into upgrading and fortifying our technology platform. We’re early adopters of cutting edge technologies, processes and systems. We regularly win Government grants for our unique contributions to Research and Development.  We gain counsel from leading firms PriceWaterhouseCoopers, BAE Systems, CapGemini and Amazon Web Services to ensure we have the very best. We leave nothing to chance. We question everything. Find weaknesses and fix them, before they turn into problems.

We’re the same with our people. We hire only the best. Pick people who add new skills and vision to the mix. We train relentlessly. Reward every piece of smart thinking. We’ve deeply embedded a culture of excellence and high performance. We regularly recognise staff when added value appears. We use every example to set the bar higher, for everyone.



Giving Back

Supporting the community

Make a positive difference in everything you touch. Lend a hand, it’s the right thing to do. That’s our attitude to work and to the community. We’ve embraced giving back to those in need. Our monthly lunch funds a charity. Staff offer donations at Christmas.

This philosophy is good for business too. Helps us attract high quality talent. We seek out driven and compassionate individuals. Smart, caring, well-rounded people attracted by responsible corporate philanthropy.

We respect and foster enterprise and imagination. We’ve partnered with Kiva. They facilitate funding of entrepreneurs in the developing world. It helps lift people out of poverty. What goes round comes round. Don’t forget everyone needs a hand now and then. It’s how we got a start, when an investor believed in us.

Helping people is a real return on investment.

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Giving back

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