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Business Services

Everyone needs help and expertise. We help professional service firms help themselves. We cut their costs. Increase customer service levels. Add innovation to their practice. Recapture leaking revenue.

We run automated appointment reminders with two-way messaging. No-shows are cut. Staff are more productive, lost revenue is regained. Their customers love it. They feel appreciated and in control. Costs get cut and margins improve. Admin staff no longer ring around chasing up appointments. It’s all automated. Staff are redeployed to higher value, revenue generating work.

Other professional service firms use text messages for opt-in marketing. They capture responders’ details and build a database for future marketing. They track who responds to what. Build smart profiles on customer preferences. Suddenly marketing dollars go further and do more.

We’ve professional service firms who use SMS text messages for notifications and alerts. It’s tax time, get your accounts ready. Pay your tax bill. Or our bill. Tiny URLs are embedded that lead customers with smartphones straight to a payment gateway. Overdue creditors are automatically followed up. Messages can be scheduled on whatever parameters you choose. Automation slashes costs, lifts productivity.

Some firms use our services for staff rostering. Reminders to ensure staff turn up at the right time. Vacant roster slots staff can respond to and fill. Suddenly money is no longer spent on hiring agency temps. Staff who want more work get it. And you hardly lifted a finger to make it happen.

We’ve customers who tell us their staff prefer text messages. They don’t have time to wait around for phone calls. And all the correspondence is documented and tracked.

Reporting, analytics and metrics are available in real time. User and administrator access controls make management and admin easy. Our interface is a breeze to use and packed full of features. We provide complete privacy, security and business continuity. 24/7 support of course.

It’s help, for professionals.

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Save time and money with SMS.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

When time is money. Fill your diary with profits. Send automated text message reminders and get replies to make sure your book is always full. Your customers will love it.

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Marketing and Promotions

It’s time to get the word out. With over 90% of SMS text messages opened and read within 30 seconds, there’s no better way to promote your business and increase sales.

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Staff & Rostering

Staff and Rostering

Stop staffing around. Use automated business SMS text messaging to manage rostering and staff communications. Fill every shift quickly and easily without spending hours on the phone.

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