Health and Aged Care

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Health & Aged Care

Text messages are a health tonic for the medical and aged care markets. Using SMS text messages for appointment reminders slashes no-shows.

Like one Queensland hospital that reduced patient no-shows by a huge 44%. Far fewer appointments were missed. The effects of our implementation flowed through the business like a river. Lost revenue from appointments was regained. Waiting lists were cut. Patients and staff happiness and approval of the appointment system went through the roof. Costs were slashed. Not just the postage savings from replacing letters with text messages.

The admin time that mounted up and up when appointment reminders are handled by phone or email. The stationery and printing costs. The extra admin follow-ups needed to reschedule. The wasted shuffling of medical records. The spiralling costs of doctors and nurses and specialists sitting idle. We changed all that. The ROI was over $140 for every dollar invested in text messaging.

Now that’s a health programme we can all take.

Rostering was always a headache for a major aged care provider. We investigated the business case. Identified the opportunities. Integrated their rostering system via an API with our high performance SMS text messaging gateway.

Staff were automatically messaged and offered any vacant roster spots. Using two-way messaging the roster spots were quickly filled with internal staff eager for work. We created opportunity through visibility. The provider saved over $200,000 p.a. No more hiring high-cost labour from staffing agencies. The messaging costs were loose change by comparison. Schedule that saving into your bottom line.

Compliance is a critical issue in the health sector, too. Staff must maintain their qualifications through ongoing training or the organisation is in breach. That’s serious. Automating training reminders via text message made perfect sense. No more staff being paid to write letters and emails. No more postage and handling. Far fewer phone calls chasing staff up. Complete visibility and total control. Compliance made easy.

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