Mining and Construction

Dig up opportunities, build profit.


Big projects need tight control and great communication. SMS text messaging gives our clients in mining and construction both. Rostering management with text messages sees every shift filled. No more short crews and lost productivity. Notifications connect suppliers to the project. Real time updates on delivery status let you plan ahead.

We’ve replaced expensive manual processes with low-cost automated actions. Freed up labour from costly, low productivity tasks like outbound calling to staff and suppliers. Generated instant payback for clients with marketing, job notifications and cancellations services. Enabled rostering reminders and shift vacancy alerts to cut admin costs and make sure shifts happened fully staffed.

Our technology plugs right into your software application. Or it can be used as a standalone solution. Either way you get rich features. Full functionality. And complete transparency and visibility on all activity through detailed real time reporting. We push value through organisations. First by uncovering the opportunities. Then by building them into profit.

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Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. When it does, getting your key people on task instantly is critical. SMS text messaging is the most cost effective way to mobilise your team.

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Staff & Rostering

Staff and Rostering

Stop staffing around. Use automated business SMS text messaging to manage rostering and staff communications. Fill every shift quickly and easily without spending hours on the phone.

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Billing & Payments

Billing and Payments

Get ahead of the payment cycle. Invoice notifications and reminders improve cash flow and reduce bad debt. Lower your costs with text messages.

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