Appointment Reminders

Forget me not.

Appointment Reminders

Selling your time? Then you can’t afford no-shows.

Customers failing to attend appointments plague service businesses. Upwards of 20% of billable time can be lost. Worse, it can never be recovered. Once that appointment is gone, it’s gone forever. Time waits for no man. Automated text message reminders with return confirmation can cut no-shows by up to 50%. Now’s the time to get your income back. That’s a message you can’t forget.

We investigated the business case for text message appointment reminders in a Queensland Hospital. Integrated it directly into their appointment register. No-shows reduced by 44%. Admin costs nearly disappeared. Billing losses in the hundreds of thousands were recovered. Patient satisfaction rose to an unheard of 95%. Waiting lists got trimmed. There’s a healthy result.

Or look at what we did with an optometry software company. Plugged it right into their standalone practice management software. Gave optometrists the chance to put staff to work more productively. Outbound phone calls almost vanished. Appointments got kept more often. Glasses waiting for pick up got collected sooner. Cash flow improved markedly. There’s a sight for sore eyes.

What do you have to lose?

In every case there were hidden costs of loss. Extra labour costs in admin and time spent on the phone. Phone bills. Lost revenue. Unhappy, overworked staff. Customers in the store not getting enough attention soon enough. They walked. And in each case profit walked with them.

We can help you identify where losses can be stemmed. Where cost sinks can be plugged. And revenue increased. Talk to one of our experts. Learn what we’ve done for thousands of businesses.

Text message appointment reminders are great for businesses that send staff to a customer site. Or service based businesses like hairdressers, physios, gyms, doctors, dentists, optometrists, beauty salons and day spas, delivery firms, vehicle servicing, training companies, even professional services like lawyers.

Any time you need someone to be somewhere on time, you’ll cut the no shows that cost you big. Get instant ROI that’s worth its weight in gold.

Don’t forget that.

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