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Get more from your people. Leverage the R in HR. Deploy two-way SMS text messaging with delivery receipts to manage time and attendance. Send reminders to fill in timesheets or correct errors. Set up emergency rostering to fill unforseen gaps. Tell employees and temps there are spots available. They’ll self-select when they want extra work. You get a committed workforce. Flexibility. Visibility.

Or lower the cost of finding the right talent. Manage interview appointments with reminders and notifications. Keep in touch with great candidates you’ve placed, or would some day like to. Since SMS text messages are read up to twice as often as email, and far more quickly, you’re sure to make the right connection. And because mobile numbers don’t change as frequently, you’ll keep connections open longer.

You’ll need Tier one service. We connect to all three major telco networks. So staff and candidates will receive the same opportunity at the same time. Unlike our competitors who’ll route messages through slow aggregators. Business can’t afford to wait. You need to know you’ve got that shift filled or the candidate engaged. That staff are sent to jobs on time. That important information has arrived. Two-way messaging let’s you follow up with ease. Track who has responded and when. Create reports in real time and see what’s what.

You can integrate SMS text messages right into your software and automate everything. We’ve done that with Oracle Taleo, for example. We’ve driven productivity improvements. Empowered HR departments, Managers. Supervisors and employees. Created powerful communication channels and cut the costs of doing business.

We’ve given the power to the people.

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