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Sure you’re dealing with money. But in the end you’re always dealing with people. Customers who want service and need access to information. Customers you want to market to. Potential customers you’d like to engage. Any time you can automate the contact process you’ll save money.

There are customers who need secure access to their account. Automated one time passwords via text message are the perfect solution. Eliminate unnecessary labour costs in admin. Cut inbound calls to call centres. You’ll need a Tier one service. Can’t have customers waiting around for a text message to arrive. They need it now.

You’ll have customers wanting to know where their application is in the approval process. Or if their mortgage has been settled. If payments have been received or funds have been transferred. Maybe it’s a margin call and they need to act. In every case you can automate the process through your existing software applications. Give customers the information they need, when they need it. One text message and they know. You can track everything with simple and powerful real time reporting.

Know what you sent to whom, any time.

Outbound and staff marketing and notifications using text messaging works a treat. Far cheaper and faster than phone calls. Twice as likely to be read as an email. No printing or postage.

Set up templates and sending groups. Schedule message delivery. Get a delivery receipt so you know the message arrived and when. You’ll make your people more productive and business more profitable.

You get the message.

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Send and receive SMS text messages from right within your web browser. Generate reports, too. No download. Nothing to install. Available anywhere, any time.

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Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Use Microsoft Outlook or your favourite email client to send SMS text messages to your staff and customers. Get replies delivered right to your Inbox.

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Automate your business with our comprehensive range of APIs and SDKs. Full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications.

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