Debt Collection

More cash, lower costs.

Debt Collection

The only thing worse than chasing debtors is not getting paid at all.

We have customers using SMS text messaging to improve the collections rate and lower collection costs. They drive cash flow back through their businesses with text message alerts and calls to action. They notify clients when invoices are overdue. Send a Tiny URL with a link back to their website payment gateway. Send messages designed to get delinquent creditors to call in.

Many creditors refuse to answer calls from blocked numbers and ignore mail. But response rates to text messages are higher. They call back. Engage in a dialogue. Give businesses the chance to set up payment plans. Mailing and outbound phone calls are reduced. Staff and admin costs are cut. Collections effectiveness increases.

The whole process can be integrated with your software applications to automate the process. Set alert parameters. Schedule creditor follow-ups. Track every message and any reply with ease. Build templates. Get detailed reports. Control everything. Get the message.

It’s time to pass go and collect.

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Send and receive SMS text messages from right within your web browser. Generate reports, too. No download. Nothing to install. Available anywhere, any time.

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Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Use Microsoft Outlook or your favourite email client to send SMS text messages to your staff and customers. Get replies delivered right to your Inbox.

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Automate your business with our comprehensive range of APIs and SDKs. Full support for popular languages, Secure FTP, SMPP and third-party applications.

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