Community and Charity

Pulling together.

Community & Charity

Community-based organisations often operate on shoestring budgets. They’re always looking to raise funding. Volunteers are critical to survival. Resources are scarce. We can alleviate some of that.

We help organisations make use of text message technology to free up resources. Cut admin time. Raise money without spending much. Communicate with members. Run rosters. And more besides.

Volunteer management is an ongoing battle. We simplify and automate it with text message reminders and notifications. Customers use two-way messaging to drive response and commitment from members. Empty roster slots are broadcast to members. They self select and fill the gaps. No more phoning around. Writing emails. Printing roster sheets. It works and it works fast. Suddenly everyone is always in the loop.

Other community groups need notification and alert messaging. They need to cancel or shift an event. Have news to share with their members. Often they use it for fundraising, driving members to the website. We have clients using keyword marketing to build subscribers. Once they have the mobile number their database stays current. People move house and change email. But their mobile phone number stays the same. It cuts admin time. Makes communication more cost effective.

These customers use our software dependent on their need. Larger organisations integrate text messages into their software applications to lift productivity. Others need only a Web to SMS capability. A few use email to SMS.

No matter what your organisation needs, we can help you pull it together.

For more information on how MessageMedia is supporting our community, please visit MessageMedia’s Community Support Page

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