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Retail & Hospitality

Finding yourself short staffed on the shop floor or counter is a sales killer. We help companies overcome that with ease. Automatically message staff and offer vacant roster spots. Use two-way messaging to fill the roster with staff eager for work. Create opportunity for you and your staff through visibility. Save on casual labour hire and expensive agency fees.

Or maybe you’re a temp agency. Your clients are desperate for staff. You’ve no time to ring around. We’ve temp agency clients who maximise their talent pool through text message job notifications. Replies go automatically through your job system and tell you who is available. Happy client. Happy casual staff. Happy you.

We cut the cost of staff communications. One text message and everyone knows. Far cheaper and faster than phone calls. Twice as likely to be read as an email. No printing or postage. Get the message.

We can integrate your rostering software via an API. Or if your needs are less advanced, set you up with Web to SMS. Either way, our high performance SMS text messaging Gateway will get your staff in the right place at the right time.

We do the same for service retailers who run appointments. SMS text message reminders slash the incidence of costly no-shows. Minimise staff costs involved in chasing up customers. Better service, lower costs. Perfect for business.

We’ve retailers who want to save on admin and customer contact costs. They automate notifications that products are ready for pick-up. That a service is finished. They run text message marketing and promotions through opt-ins. Let customers know of demos, specials and VIP events.

Every promotion sees our customers add subscribers to their database. And mobile numbers rarely change. So they get more customer leverage. Build profiles on customer responses. Target new campaigns more precisely to drive foot or internet traffic to their store.

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Save time and money with SMS text messages.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

When time is money. Fill your diary with profits. Send automated text message reminders and get replies to make sure your book is always full. Your customers will love it.

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Staff & Rostering

Staff and Rostering

Stop staffing around. Use automated business SMS text messaging to manage rostering and staff communications. Fill every shift quickly and easily without spending hours on the phone.

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Marketing and Promotions

It’s time to get the word out. With over 90% of SMS text messages opened and read within 30 seconds, there’s no better way to promote your business and increase sales.

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