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SMS text messaging by Web, Email or API. It’s your choice.


Get up and running quickly. Nothing to install or download. Just open your email software or web browser, and you’re ready to send and receive SMS text messages in seconds.

We’ve made our products easy to use, so you can get your messages through and focus on what really matters. Upload your database. Personalise your messages. View reports and replies anywhere, anytime. Set and manage per-user limits and control your budget.

And if you need more power, you can integrate SMS text messaging into your own software using our developer APIs. In fact, plenty of customers do. It’s fast and easy. Available in almost every programming language. With great support, too.

SMS text messaging that fits like a glove.



Desktop to mobile (and back again)

Send SMS text messages straight from your web browser. No software to install, nothing fancy to configure. Replies come back direct to your browser. Forward them to your mobile if you want. Tell your world, when you want to. Program a time window to load-balance incoming responses. Or hit a customer sweet spot. Send a single text message. Broadcast to a select group. Send to your entire address book. Even send your text message to a landline as “talking text”.

It’s custom designed to make your life easy. Set up templates to use again. Preset fields merge your address list seamlessly into your message. Previews let you see before you send. Contacts with incomplete details are captured to catch address book errors.

Comprehensive reporting lets you track everything. Delivery receipting means you know your message arrived. Trace an audit path. Every message, sent and received, is recorded. Messages and replies are automatically threaded. Follow each and every conversation with ease.



Email to SMS

Use your existing email program to send text messages.

No extra software or configuration required. Convenient, cost effective and basic. No frills, perfect for single messages. Send in plain text or HTML. Send SMS text messages to mobiles and talking text to landlines. Follow an audit trail through your email server. You don’t need integration. Or bulk sending. Just one time messages and alerts that make you more productive and save money.

It’s a simple, powerful message.



Rich Messaging

Rich 2-way conversations are here

Imagine if you could speak directly to your customers from within their favourite app environments such as Facebook Messenger, RCS (Rich Communication Services) and Apple Business Chat. These rich messaging experiences will give you the ability to brand your messages with your logo and brand colours and allow you to include images, videos and GIFs to have meaningful and engaging 2-way conversations.

To find out more about our rich messaging solutions get in touch today.


Two-way Messaging

Instant, seamless dialogue

Create a two-way messaging channel and work in real time. Enable direct interactions to immediately increase productivity and visibility. Connect yourself to a mobile audience. Manage your staff and/or customers with effective engagement and responsiveness. Great communication is always a two-way deal.

It’s better to give and receive. Send out a message. Receive a response. We automatically thread every message so you can check responses. Automatically route the inbound message to a mobile. An email address. Or a web application. You choose how to interact with your audience. Functionality, simplicity and immediacy all rolled into one.


Detailed Reports

Knowledge is power

Learn from your actions. Understand what worked and when. And find out in real time. Our reporting system goes deep. Examine your message statistics on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Run reports by date range or user. View usage by spreadsheets or a range of charts. Drill down to look at each user’s message and daily spend. Or group users and look at the totals. Identify unique replies versus multiple entries into competitions. Watch your opt-in list grow and track it by keyword or offer. With knowledge comes power.


Easy Admin

Management, simplified

Compose, address and send SMS text messages in a flash. Our easy to drive interface makes it simple. Select a template. Create a new one. Add in addressees. Create groups. Schedule your sending times. Stagger them if you need to spread the load on your website or call centre. Select delivery receipts for time critical and two-way messaging. Deselect if you’re sending a marketing broadcast. Run detailed reports in real time. Text message management, made simple.


Advanced Options

Total control

Get control, visibility and accessibility of user and administrator permissions. Define who gets access to what. Add or delete users in a flash. Disable and re-enable user accounts any time. Set daily credit limits. View invoice and payment histories. Look at user history by user or by group. Aggregate and disaggregate accounts to review individual users, groups or business wide activity. Create fixed templates for brand consistency. Check in on any message, any time. Run a report and see what users have been sending to whom. Simply take control.

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Dedicated Numbers

Yours to own

You’re dedicated to service. Dedicated to delivery. Dedicated to sales. Dedicated to business. We’ve got numbers to match. Dedicated numbers are perfect for brands that want a permanent and powerful SMS text message presence. Publish your dedicated number on your brochures, websites and advertising campaigns.

Let customers request information, opt in to promotions or provide feedback. Use keywords to automate the process. Track it all back to your marketing activity and measure response rates with pinpoint accuracy. Turn above the line into below the line. And add it straight to your bottom line.



Capture your customer base

Get more from your marketing dollar with keyword campaigns. Use them to build your brand and generate customer response. Drive traffic to your promotion, competition, store or website. Leverage keywords and get subscriber opt-in. Combine keywords and dedicated numbers to capture subscriber details automatically for future text message marketing. Use two-way messaging to build a dialogue. Keyword your way to a captive audience.


Text to Voice

Your text message has spoken.

Send recorded voice messages to land lines and mobiles with our text to voice service. Use email, web or one of our developer APIs to send. The choice is yours. Customers receive a call from a natural sounding recorded voice, adding another level of customer interaction. And you can get replies back, too. Into your Inbox, web browser or your own application. From any modern phone. Perfect for lowering outbound call costs, saving you time and money. It’s automation with a distinctly human touch.



Always open for business

Our Gateway is up 99.95% of the time. Guaranteed. It’s cloud based, and on a firm foundation. Built for speed and scale. We own it. We manage it. We support it. We know what’s happening, every second. We’ve invested in industrial scale, state-of-the-art infrastructure. That lets huge volumes fly through. High performance. No bottlenecks. No problems. It’s plugged right into the major Telco networks.

Critical, time dependent messages are delivered in seconds. Guaranteed. Our Gateway automatically manages queues and routes for maximum speed.

We already support throughput of 9 million messages a day. Soon that’ll be 50 million. We have multiple points of connection to the Internet through redundant data centres. We mirror everything. We’re covered in the event of an emergency. So if you have an emergency we won’t leave you behind. We’re built strong to avoid causing you the costs of loss.

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