Multimedia Messaging Service

Why Your Business Should Offer MMS

Many businesses can benefit enormously from receiving valuable information
from their customers in pictures instead of lengthy descriptions:

Speed Up & Simplify Processes

Insurance companies can request MMS pictures of damage (car accident or leaks etc.) from customers or field agents.

Free Up & Make Better Use of Resources

Customers can send their meter reading via MMS to their utility company instead of requiring a dedicated employee to physically travel to homes to read meters.

Better Employee Management

An employee on sick leave can send a note from a doctor by MMS, which can be attached to the leave approval by HR.

Quick Identification Procedures

When financial institutions require an identification document before approving a loan, the document can be sent via MMS and attached to the file.

Why your customers will love it

Sending pictures, audio and clips via MMS is a fast option for customers
these days to share information they easily gather by their phone.

How will it work?

Get it up and running in 3 simple steps:

1 Purchase a dedicated number. The number can be used for both MMS and SMS.

2 Contact our support to make sure you can receive all Webhooks.

3 Follow our integration guide to develop your endpoint. The implementation is simple, only few lines of code.