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Customer loyalty pays.


The best business is repeat business. You get to understand your customers better. Build profiles to help maximise sales and the customer experience.

SMS text messaging gives you a direct channel to your customer. Their mobile number almost never changes, unlike their address or email. Your database stays up to date. Every time you run a promotion you can use opt-in keywords in your text message to add new subscribers.

We’ve clients who use SMS text messages in a variety of ways. Text message promotions that drive foot traffic into retail stores. Or click traffic to their online store. Competitions, giveaways and prize draws. All fully automated. Every response coming straight back to their website for analysis and action.

Loyalty schemes where customers get notifications to accumulate bonuses with limited time offers. Ready for pick-up notifications when the item a customer ordered is in store. Event notifications offering “VIP only” entry. Or premium customers being the first to know there’s a sale on.

In almost every case they’ve integrated SMS text messages right into the heart of their store software. Everything is automated. Access to templates. User management to give individual stores local access while head office stays in control. Detailed reports so easy to run. Analytics and metrics a click away. Customers and staff feel the difference and appreciate the experience.

Loyalty is the message.

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