Key questions to ask.

Expert advice and resources for your next tender.


When you run a tender for text messaging services you might think all providers are similar.

They’re not. SMS text messaging is anything but a commodity.

Dig deep into what we deliver in terms of reliability, security and service. Our site is packed with detailed information to help you ask the right questions and make the right decision.  Maximise tender effectiveness and outcomes.

Use us as the benchmark. See the difference.

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Tender management

Ask the right questions

We have a range of detailed tender templates. They’re designed to aid your tender development. They cover key questions and issues you’ll need to address. Here’s a few to ponder.

  • Gateway performance and uptime. (Ours is up 99.95%, guaranteed.)
  • Delivery guarantee. (Ours is unique. It comes with a money back guarantee.)
  • What volume a provider can handle. (We’ve sent over 700 million messages. We can send nearly nine million a day. Soon that’ll be 50 million.)
  • The level and strength of redundant systems and telco/network connections. (We’re triple redundant.)
  • The capability and usability of their API. (We offer a host of feature-rich APIs in multiple languages and environments.)
  • Integration experience with your software application. (After 14 years in the business we’ve plugged in a huge variety of platforms.)
  • Business continuity, risk management, security, privacy and data sovereignty. (We’re super safe, having designed everything to exceed exacting specifications, so rest assured.)
  • Audit and tracking. (Get full transparency and visibility in real time with us.)
  • Application development and support. (Our integration capabilities go deep and wide.)
  • Message storage for audit and reporting. (Of course. We keep everything, unless you don’t want us to.)
  • System admin, account management and reporting tools. (We’re feature rich and give you the works.)
  • Level and availability of support. (24/7 tech expertise, whatever and whenever you need it from us.)
  • Service Level Agreement. (Ours is comprehensive. We meet it or your money back.)
  • Disaster recovery. (We’re mirrored, with redundant connections to all the telcos.)
  • Error/failure detection and reporting. (If we fail, you’ll know about it, instantly.)

Government experience.

We've got experience at all levels of government – federal, state, local and international. In each case, we've met or exceeded the compliance, regulatory and departmental requirements. You can trust us to deliver.

Tender Templates 

What your tender request needs to ask for

We have a range of tender templates to show you how to get the text message service you really need. Call us and speak to our Government Specialist. We’ll send you the appropriate template, when your needs are identified.

You understand, we’re protective of our intellectual property. If our competitors want to get to our level they can get there the way we did. Imagination, hard work, total diligence to the task and the relentless will to lead our industry.

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Government ready.

Secure and Reliable text message service.


99.95% Uptime Guarantee

No missed opportunities. No lost business. We deliver. Or your money back.

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24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Non-stop monitoring, around the clock and around the globe. Automated and comprehensive.

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Global Support

Global Support

Extended business hours support. Available 24/7 weekdays, with optional extended weekend coverage if you need it.

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