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Start sending and receiving SMS text messages with our flexible APIs.

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You can get coding right away with one of our easy APIs. Just scroll down for everything you need.


The power of XML. We’ve got what you need. Connect securely to send and receive SMS text messages, voice messages or both using our SOAP/XML API. Check replies, confirm delivery, manage user accounts, credit limits and more. Full WSDL and examples provided. Perfect for Ruby, Python, Javascript, C++ or Node.js. Works great with PHP, Java and .Net, too. You get the message.


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Native Client SDKs   

Get up and running quickly using your favourite programming language. Be it PHP, Java, or a flavour of .Net. Native code means you get type-safe objects you can create and command at will. Simply download and import the libraries we provide, and you’re ready to rock. Awesome.


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No code required.

Send SMS text messages immediately using your own software.

Email to SMS 

Use your existing software or email program to send SMS text messages. Nothing extra required. Convenient, cost effective and basic. No frills, perfect for single messages. Send SMS text messages to cell phones and talking text to normal landlines via email. Simply send an email to <04xxxxxxxx> That’s all there is to it.

Secure FTP 

For large batches, you can use Secure FTP or upload to our servers via our easy to use Web SMS interface. We’ll send it for you automatically. And provide the reporting you need. Just export mobile numbers and messages from your system of choice into CSV or XML format, or pass it quickly through Microsoft Excel. Most software packages handle one or both natively, meaning there’s nothing to develop. You get all the benefits of integration without the expense. Call our support team today for more information.


Talk like a Telco.

SMPP support for high-volume messaging.

Stepping up to larger volumes? No problem. We provide a native SMPP bind and plug you right in. With all the benefits that affords. Two-way messaging, delivery receipting and more using a stable, persistent bind you can manage and monitor independently. Call our support team today for more information.

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Plug and play.    

Already integrated with most popular business software.

Enterprise software delivers visibility, business continuity and control. With SMS messaging we’ve enabled additional functionality and performance. We’ve helped our customers integrate into a host of third party software applications. From standalone practice software for health providers, to CRMs, websites and shopping carts, right up to major corporates running SAP and Oracle.

We plug. You play.


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Become a Partner or Reseller or access Wholesale rates to earn a slice of every message we send on your behalf.  Monthly commissions and detailed reports mean you’ll never miss another opportunity. No fees and no obligations.



Refer your customers and network to us.  Direct, co-brand or white-label.  We’ll take care of billing and customer service and send your commissions monthly.

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Add SMS messaging to your existing product or service, and charge your customers directly.  We’ll be right here whenever you need assistance.

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Wholesale rates on an Australian business SMS service you can rely on. Made for very high volume senders.

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